Partners in Reproductive and Sexual Health

Since 1994, HCET has worked to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes through program development, education, and training. We work collaboratively with professionals, health care systems, community based organizations, as well as state and local government agencies across the Midwest.

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Who we are.

In 1994, Health Care Education and Training (HCET) was formed out of the belief that all people should have access to high quality family planning and reproductive health care and education, regardless of their income and geography. These services and programs should be provided by clinicians, educators, and other professionals that are receiving the best training and support available. HCET fills the gap between training, education, and practice. We support direct services providers so they can deliver high quality care tailored to their agency and community.

What we do and the Services we offer.

Adolescent Health

Supported focus areas include teen and unplanned pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention, positive youth development, preparation for adulthood, and healthy decision making.

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Family Planning

HCETs family planning and reproductive health initiatives help provide education, training, and technical assistance directly to family planning clinic staff.

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STD and HIV Prevention

All projects supported by HCET strive to destigmatize STDs/HIV, provide evidence-based prevention strategies, and ensure community-based providers are accessible and highly skilled.

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Education and Training

HCET provides education and training to organizations to help them deliver high-quality health care services and education programs that improve reproductive and sexual health.

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Program Support

HCET provides program support to organizations. Effective and strategic program evaluation helps measure impact, inform program implementation, and advance the field.

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance (TA) helps organizations strengthen current programs, implement new initiatives, and best meet the needs of the communities they serve.

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Why our ED does this.

I recently spoke with a 19-year-old young woman and we discussed her recent enrollment in an online high school. She is a mother of three who is friendly, confident, and loves her children. She had her first child in the summer between 8th and 9th grade and the father was much older. She started puberty at 9 and believes this is the primary reason she had a child so young. Due to the birth of her first child, she was forced to drop out of school in the 9th grade because the state was threatening to involve child protective services and the school was threatening expulsion for lack of attendance.

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