Technical Assistance


Technical assistance (TA) helps organizations strengthen current programs, implement new initiatives, and best meet the needs of the communities they serve. HCET provides collaborative and tailored technical assistance to enhance and improve business operations, address challenges, move research to practice, and meet programmatic objectives to improve reproductive and sexual health. TA may include:

  • Marketing & outreach activities to increase access to services/programs
  • Integration of sexual/reproductive health education into existing programs
  • Selection and implementation of evidence-based prevention programs
  • Professional development to increase clinician/educator skills
  • Web-based toolkits and guides for the implementation of new practices or policies
  • Reporting and data collection/management practices and protocols
  • Plans to disseminate data that is timely and relevant
  • Mentoring for advanced clinical and facilitation skills
  • Assist clinics with certification/application (340b, 3rd party insurance, etc.)