HCET Disease Intervention Training Center

HCET joins three other DITC regional training centers to:

Develop expertise for interactive distance-based instructor-led training

Provide input to curricula development

Implement instructor-led skills-based training for Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS), case investigators, contact tracers, and care resource managers

What is a Disease Intervention Specialist?

Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) are the backbone of HIV/STD prevention.

DIS follow-up on reported cases of HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea throughout the U.S., as well as other emerging public health emergencies.

DIS work in health departments, community health centers, and other similar locations to perform contact tracing, partner services, and emergency response. DIS and other public health professionals have been called upon to utilize their unique skill set to respond to COVID-19 throughout the country.

COVID-19 Contact Tracer and Case Investigation Training

Skilled contact tracers and case investigators (including DIS) have been tracking infectious diseases for years, and during the coronavirus pandemic, they are reaching out by phone to track who may have been exposed and to prevent further spread.

Responding to an outbreak requires a skilled workforce trained in contact tracing, community education, and health care navigation.

The HCET DITC is currently training a workforce of COVID-19 contact tracers and case investigators, leveraging the decades of experience DIS and other health staff have acquired investigating cases of HIV, syphilis, and other infectious diseases.

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CDC Resources for Case Investigations and Contact Tracing


Key Contacts

Project Director and Media Contact:

Jeremy Roseberry jroseberry@hcet.org

Senior Project Manager:

Monique Hensley mhensley@hcet.org

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