Nursing Contact Hour Eligible

To obtain nursing contact hours, view the full event, and email kbradford@hcet.org.

7/20/22- PrEP/PEP 101: Building Confidence with Clients and Patients

4/14/22- IN SURRG Webinar: Gonorrhea Learning Session

3/22/22- The Basics 101: The Social Determinants of Health

3/16/22- Reproductive and Family Planning for Clients with Disabilities

1/26/22- Being Trauma-Informed in Reproductive and Sexual Health Care

9/28/22- Sexual History Taking

12/6/22-Minnesota Reproductive and Sexual Health Update

Reproductive Autonomy and Coercion: A Holistic, Multilevel Perspective~ Anu Manchikanti Gomez, PhD

2022 STI Update ~ Dr. Ina Park

2022 Contraceptive Update ~ Cara Berg Raunick, DNP

What’s at Stake: The Fight for Reproductive Health Care in 2022 ~ Rachel Fey, BA


12/13/22- Providing Inclusive Care: Normalizing STIs Using a Trauma-Informed Care Approach

9/21/22- What’s New: Birth Control Update

9/28/22-Beating Burnout and Keeping the Joy

8/24/22-HIV and STIs: Best Practices for Testing

3/30/22- Teaching Consent: Navigating Challenging Conversations with Teens

12/1/22-The Current State of Hoosier Youth: 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Findings