Nursing Contact Hour Eligible Events

To obtain nursing contact hours, view the full event, and email kbradford@hcet.org.

10/27/21- STI Treatment Guidelines Update

8/31/21- Trauma-Informed Care in Reproductive and Sexual Health

6/17/21- Heterosexual Women and Syphilis

5/26/21- Wisconsin Gonorrhea Treatment Guidelines Update

5/19/21- Indiana Gonorrhea Treatment Guidelines Update

3/31/21- Fertility Based Awareness Methods

2/10/21- Client-Centered Contraceptive Counseling: Incorporating Reproductive Life Plan Model


12/21/21- Incorporating a Drug User Health Framework: Considerations for Health Service Providers

10/12/21- Diversity and Equity in Reproductive and Sexual Health

9/15/21- Understanding ACEs and Building a Trauma-Informed Community

7/21/21- Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Violence Prevention

5/19/21- Positive Youth Development

4/22/21- The Developing Brain: Understanding Trauma, Substance Use, and Sexual Risk

3/17/21- Trauma-Informed Approaches to Adolescent Evidence-Based Programs

Billing and Coding Series

2/24/21- Medicaid Billing and Coding Update: E&M Codes

3/3/21- Medicaid Billing and Coding Update: FPOS Codes Webinar

Cost Analysis Series

7/21/21- Part One: Simplified Cost Analysis Webinar

7/27/21- Part Two: Simplified Cost Analysis Webinar

8/4/21- Part Three: Simplified Cost Analysis