Nursing Contact Hour Eligible Events

To obtain nursing contact hours, view the full event, and email kbradford@hcet.org.

5/13/20- A Helping Hand: How Syphilis Partner Services are Aiding in Ending the HIV Epidemic

7/29/20- Developments in STD Testing: A Collaborative Discussion for Practitioners and Laboratorians

8/19/20- Fix Your Face: How an Affirming Sexual History Can Improve Sexual Health Engagement and Outcomes

10/21/20- Contraception Options and Special Considerations During Lactation

10/21/20- Innovative Prevention Strategies to Reduce Congenital Syphilis Rates

11/12/20- Preventing Viral Hepatitis Among Persons Who Use Drugs

12/9/20- Staying Resilient and Delivering Patient Care


6/11/2020- Dimensions of Gender: An Evolving Discourse

6/18/20- Gender Inclusive Puberty and Reproductive Health Education

9/21/20- Virtual Facilitation for Sex Education

12/4/20- Policies for All: Sexual Violence Prevention