Nursing Contact Hour Eligible Events

To obtain nursing contact hours, view the full event, and email kbradford@hcet.org.

9/25/19- The Great Masquerade: Unveiling the Deceit of Syphilis

8/22/19- Swipe Right: Including Dating Apps in Partner Services

6/25/19- A Call to Action: Responding to Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea

5/16/19- Responding to the Hepatitis A Outbreak in Indiana Communities


12/3/19- All Hands on Deck: Indiana's Comprehensive STD Preparedness Plan

10/24/19- Learning Together: Building Inclusive Programs for Immigrant Communities

9/5/19- Sexual Health Education: Serving Youth with Developmental Disabilities

6/17/19- Gendered Socialization and Homophobia: Exploring Teenage Behavior

3/26/19- Shining a Light: Effective Sex Ed for Youth with Physical Disabilities

3/7/19- Evaluation of WI Selective Screening Criteria: Next Steps in Identifying STIs in Our Communities

2/5/19- Teaming Up with Juvenile Courts to Support Adolescent Reproductive Health

Wisconsin Family Planning Series

2/6/19- Series 1: Operational Management

2/20/19- Series 2: Billing for Services

3/14/19- Series 3: Clinical Services and Documentation

3/28/19- Series 4: Family Planning Billing Deep Dive